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What Number Western Team Is This
This time, it's not a lie. Because I seldom add numbers to my titles, it's hard to keep track on which came first. Anyway, since I don't care, why stress myself?

Batman: Under The Red Hood
Blazing Team Yo Kwon Do, 23
Mighty Magisword, 26
Adventure Time S9, 18
OK. KO! Let's Be Heroes, 17
Agents Of Mayhem, Character Intro
Minji Revived
Now I'm back to what I do best, compiling various pics into one big poster. I don't know if I'll ever find more again, but let's just wait and see.

Karneval, 10
Vividren Operation, 6
Magic Guru Guru 2017, 3
Tanken Driland, 8
Teekyuu, 11
Amagi Brilliant Park, 12
Three Leaves & Colors, 6
Heroic Legend Of Arslan, 8
My Neighbor Seki, Special Ep
Gameworld Assassins
I've always known that I'll find a lot of female ninjas in video games. It's either I find some clips that are posted on YouTube, or I've played that game once or twice before. On the other hand, not every game is widely known, regardless of platform, so there's some usage of a tiny bit of luck. Note that not all of the above characters come with their respective look, some either require in game unlocking, or are actually downloadable additions. If you don't see any of the characters you're looking for, it's either I haven't discovered, or there are too many pics of that particular character in DeviantArt alone.

Bushido Blade (PS1)
Toshinden (PS1)
Soul Of The Samurai (PS1)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (PS2)
Street Fighter X Tekken (XBox 360)
Northern Star Fist, Ken's Rage (PS3)
Dead Or Alive, Last Round (XBox One)
Dishonored (PS4)
Batman, Arkham Knight (PS4)
Minji's Cleanup Crew
Don't know why I called it that, it just came to me. Oh, well. I'll just go with it, since these pics have some kind of pattern that's been mingling in my mind for some time.

Twin Star Exorcists, 12
DT Eightron, 14
Deltora Quest, 58
Chobits, 17
Ninja Boy Rantaro (Found this by accident, so I don't know season & episode)
Attack On Titan, 13
Terra Farmers Revenge, 12
Spirited Away
Wolf Children Ame & Yuki
MK Evolution
"I am Kitana, Dark Empress."
"I am Mileena, Tarkatan Hybrid."
"I am Jade, Green With Evil."

My initial plan was to select a few pics from the internet, but after seeing all those efforts put in by the fans, I was like, 'Scratch that." So I turned my attention to YouTube, and used the game clips instead. Truth is, I didn't play every installment, only some of the older ones. Can you guess the current game I'm playing right now?

Column 1 - Mortal Kombat 2
Column 2 - Mortal Kombat 3
Column 3 - Shaolin Monks
Column 4 - Deadly Alliance (Kitana) / Deception (Mileena & Jade)
Column 5 - Mortal Kombat 9
Column 6 - MKX Mobile Version



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

"Your bread is so good, it sent me to heaven!"

A. Yakitate Japan
B. Keroro
C. Black Jack
D. Mai-Hime
E. Marchen Awaken Romance
F. Sailormoon
G. Saiyuki Reload


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